#002: Yesteryears

Just in case you’ve been wandering what the heck had happened to me before (if you are curious anyway), click here. These are taken from my primary blog, which is now an anime blog. So I’m living a double life; one as a blogger and another as a student. Though I should be taking my studies seriously but I exert more passion into blogging and anime, in particular. Nevertheless, I’m taking things slow and easy. Not to get too stressed up by many things going on around me. There are times I do get agitated just by the sight of other people studying and many times I felt that I should abandon blogging altogether (again). But not this time though. I am more committed. I am more clear with my goals and dreams. I am more aware of the things that I love the most. So if this would require me to spend more time and effort than anyone else, then let it be.


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