#003: Lust and Sloth are Bad

It is rather disturbing that I came to realize that many of my visitors to my anime blog are referred from the search terms of “sex anime” or “anime sex” or “hentai.” I don’t remember posting any sexually implicit content on that blog (maybe it’s Speedgrapher) or even allowing spam comments. Well, I do make some dirty sex joke on that blog but never have I allow myself to post such a malice on my blog. Come on, it’s an anime blog, for God’s sake! Nonetheless I do hope that after my effort to relabel my anime blog, it would garner more readership, especially now that I have bigger plans ahead for the blog.

On another note, my drive for studying is at all-time low. Seriously. I know I have the final papers coming up soon, yet I still loath around the forums and updating my blog (am doing it now) but I did not even bother to look through my notes. What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I prioritize properly? It’s the final examinations, damn it! I should be studying, not idling around. Focus, Brian, focus.

Guys, any tips to help me out here?


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