#004: The Sound of a Jet Plane

The jet plane has been always been something significant in my life. Not that I travel a lot or even hopping planes to get around on a daily basis. It’s just that all my life I’ve gotten used to the sound of jet planes, taking off and landing nearby. You got it right. My house is nearby the airport. Even before I moved to Miri, my former house in Kuching was also at close proximity to the airport. There was one occasion when a fighter jet was on its usual practice rounds flew very closely to my house. In fact, it came past just metres above me. This experience might freak out many but to me, it was one cool experience I will never forget.

As I am growing up, so does my education. It is pretty normal for a person like me to undergo primary education, then to the secondary and finally tertiary education. And as I progress further in my education, so does my distance away from home. I guess I am one of those few people who are fortunate to be able to go university. I know it’s a common thing nowadays but you still have to consider those unlucky ones. More fortunate is that I further my study much farther from home, a feat very few students get to experience. Not to say that I am bragging; there are other who go overseas, which is way much farther of a distance compared to mine. However this experience of mine really opened my eyes and learn so many things in life.

At the same time, the distance taught me to cherish those who are dear to me. I do love my family as always but I never felt the same way as I am feeling right now. I mean, I really do love and miss my family more than ever. Maybe it’s homesick. Maybe I miss my mom’s cooking. Maybe I miss my little brother. Or maybe I just want a decent connection at home. Either way, I feel more love and loved more than before. My parents are more caring for me now that I am thousand miles away. During my matriculation year, I always remember the sound of the jet plane as it hovers past the school. Whenever I looked up to see the plane, I felt nostalgic of my home. But even more, I felt homesick. I was always remembered of home every time I see a jet plane. Only recently that feeling came back to me. The sound of a jet plane rekindles my old memories at home. Both good and bad times. Oh yes, I am homesick. I want to go home.

On the bright side, home is just a little more than 2 weeks away from now. As I buried myself in this flood of notes, I guess time really does fly away much faster than expected.


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