#005: Because life is always a struggle

My life as a student in Kelantan was never memorable. Okay, there are probably very few occasions here worth cherishing but most of the time, it’s not. I know I’ve been demanding at times but sometimes, my demands are very reasonable. I have always wanted a private internet connection here in the campus. Sharing the bandwidth with others seems too problematic to me – during peak hours, internet is at snail speed. Maxis and Celcom came with brilliant solutions, as if they are calling out for me to buy their products. Yes, these two telco giants do offer wireless broadband at reasonable prices. Though I say it is reasonable, it doesn’t mean that it is affordable for a student like me. Yet these days, the campus network always tempt me with such a thought. One of these days, I really do get wireless broadband for myself. For the record, internet kept on connecting and disconnecting while I’m blogging this down. Maybe I seriously need to get it now. The plus side of a private line is that I would no longer being bogged down by the server’s restricting firewall that is robbing away our freedom to use the internet. I know that I am not paying the bill but to actually blocking access to YouTube and many other video hosting sites (odd enough, they did not block Daily Motion and Mega Video), don’t you think it’s a little too unreasonable?

If you think you can cope a life without internet (if you are reading this blog, then it is pretty obvious that internet is a part of your vital stats), then the next one will be unbearable. Maybe unbearable is too little for a word. Imagine your body sweating and all sticky – no, thanks to the hot weather here – and a refreshing bath is something to die for. Little did you know that the water running out from the shower head is black. Yes, black. And I am not exaggerating about it. Okay, maybe a little. But the water is murky brown, unmistakably black. Not having clean drinkable water is like living in those war-torn country. Indeed Malaysia is a third world country but this is getting too far. Water is life’s basic necessity and having no clean water is like a violation of human rights. I don’t know what is wrong with this campus. Maybe the devil has actually landed here. Maybe this place really is breaking apart. Maybe this is just a sick joke from the administrative bastards. But I have enough of this. Please give us back clean water and decent internet connection.


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