#006: Shocking Idol Exit

For those who follows American Idol, you should know by now, of a shocking elimination this week. Let me get to the point. This week, we witnessed a potential star being booted off the show. We bid farewell to Michael Johns.

He was one of my early favourites in the competition, before David Archuleta. I never go ga-ga over Archuleta, not until he performed “Imagine” during the Top 20 performance. Indeed I was blown away by the pure, innocent yet outreaching voice of his. Forgetting Archuleta now and back to Johns. This 29-year old Aussie already captured my attention from his solid rendition of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. That soulful and crisp voice is unmistakably sexy. If I’m a girl, my heart would melt for him already. It is his voice that makes me believe that he will go further in his singing career, in which I thought that he could go further in this competition. No denying that this season of American Idol is the best Idol lineup ever and deciding on who should take the crown is one tough feat to achieve. Why not, if you have someone like David Archuleta (being cute works well among girls), David Cook (best Idol rocker ever), Carly Smithson (Irish powerhouse though she lacks consistency), and Brooke White (heartfelt performer). But being eliminated doesn’t necessary means that Michael Johns is doing any lesser than the rest. In fact, the ones who deserves to be eliminated, more than anyone in the competition is Kristy Lee Cook. Somehow the forces in the universe got distorted and she manages to stay with the pack. God knows, maybe she will win this competition.

Nonetheless, Michael Johns being booted off won’t necessary marks the end of his singing career. I see great potential in him and mark my words, I’ll get my hands on his records once he is done doing them.


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