#008: Introducing Project 21

If there is anything that we are missing out in our university life in USMKK, it’s gonna be a decent party night. I don’t care whether it’s a prom night or a rave party or even a beach party or so to speak, a well-deserved birthday party. The problem with the people here is they tend to go for atypical and predictable style of bashing a party. Sorry to say, it is not even close of being a party. No offense, guys but it’s the truth though. And to avoid any conflict, I refuse to comment further about how pathetic the party life by the students here. Just to give a general idea, the birthday “party” seems too awkward of being too similar to each other – the birthday “surprise”, the cake, the wishes, and burning a hole in the wallet. And yeah, of course, there’s that CNY night thingy.

Before the situation gets dire, someone need to start something to end this draught of despair. That is when Nicholas and I came with an ingenious idea though we’re counting the odds that it could be even a reality in the first place. People of USMKK, put your hands up for Project 21. Hold your horses before saying anything further about Project 21. I know the name sounds too much of a gimmick but it does has its significance. And you have my word that Project 21 is not a hoax.

Initially we thought that it might be great if we could join combine all the birthdays together to a single day and have a bash of a lifetime. Sounded awfully familiar though, considering that I’ve heard of such an idea from someone else before. The only difference between Project 21 and the rest of the oh-so-boring parties around here is how we are going to make the party. The concept of Project 21 is simple. More crowd, more support, bigger party, bigger fun. Gather as many people possible to gain a solid support along with a stronger financial assurance so that a bigger party can be done and more fun times to cherish. Basically it’s a simple college party affair, just like what other American colleges local universities are doing. The catch is this is Kelantan. We have big restrictions here and added with the boring people here, I can hardly see if this project can even take off at all. Which is why I call out to the rest of you and ask for your immediate reactions. Just leave a comment to tell me your point of view and if possible, suggestions to make it lamer better. If we have positive response, we might have our green light to give this project a go and make this party the best party ever. Well, the best in USMKK at least.

Update: So how to show support, you ask? Easy, just a comment that you’re joining or display it on your IM screen name (eg: Brian supports PROJECT 21) or post it on your blog to spread out the news or even talk about it with your gossip common friends. If you have any other questions, just post them on this blog or direct your queries to me or Nicholas. Take note, this project is only at the early stages of opinion gathering to see if it is fine to give this project a go. So let’s make Project 21 a reality, guys. Also check on Nicholas’ page for more reactions to Project 21. Cheers!


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