#009: Transit time

After a hectic day of packing (took some time to have a couple matches of DotA and dinner downtown), finally I can take a breather as I am on my way back home after my 3-month long stay in Kelantan. I guess it is my mistake in this part as I should be back home during the Chinese New Year break last February. Alas the big break arrived to me but that doesn’t mean I’ll be free all the time.

First of all, I have an obligatory community training needing to be completed during this break. It will be an 8-week stint and unfortunately, this translates to lesser free time for me to enjoy my holidays. Never mind that. It’s all for the academic requirement. Just let me finish this, graduate and live my life to my own accord. Can’t wait for adulthood. 🙂 Second is my anime blog, Bokutachi no BLOG. Although things seem to set in motion but in reality, more needed to be done and hopefully this holiday would give me the ample opportunity for me to make this blog official. Third is Project 21. There have been many queries directed to me regarding Project 21 and amongst the questions, I could not manage to answer this one – how will Project 21 be like? Honestly, Nicholas and I are still undecided how the party should be done but there are two prominent suggestions. One being a prom night (a little extravagant but that’s the whole point about it anyway) and the other is a beach party (dance for life, yo!). To be frank with you, I would choose the latter simply because a beach party is easier to organise, need not having a large participation and my inner desire to party at the beach in particular. Should the beach party is accepted, I would love to emulate parties in the likes of Cafe del Mar, Ibiza (and now, Singapore too). Nonetheless, I am very excited about Project 21 and I look forward to see how the responses will be like.

So now, I’m in KLIA, blogging after wandering around aimlessly in search for a decent plate for my lunchtime. Above all, I’m feeling very lethargic, especially with my morning “work-out”, carrying one jumbo-sized box and one iron-heavy box down the stairs to the storeroom. Looking around KLIA, I’ve seen many people from various walks of life (and also some cute looking girls… I looking at one right now… Jesus Christ, stop it!). One part I hate about travelling is the wait inside the airport. Without decent entertainment, there is no telling on how am I going to survive my time here. Hopefully I can get my iPod touch soon. Just one of the reasons why I should not hate Steve Jobs right now.

I think my battery is running low. Using wifi does burn a lot of power from the laptop battery. Better get going now.


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