#010: MH is Malaysian Hospitality

Sigh! Another backlog although I’m already home for a few days already. I am so lazy. Hopefully my Code Geass review won’t be greatly affected. And oh, am trying to finish playing Call of Duty 4. 🙂

This is the slogan adopted by the national air carrier, Malaysia Airlines, and this is exactly what they offer to the guests of their service. I won’t say there is no significant upgrade in terms of their service. In fact, their hospitality and friendliness are always their strong points throughout the years. This is also the reason why Malaysia Airlines will always outshine AirAsia despite the latter’s increasing performance that is gaining more recognition locally and worldwide. I always enjoy flying with Malaysia Airlines, more than AirAsia. If there is any reason why I should be flying with AirAsia, it’s going to be the dirt-cheap airfares. Otherwise, Malaysia Airlines would have the advantage of convenience, comfort, and to a certain extent, elegance. The whole point I’m trying to bring forward is actually the mealbox that Malaysia Airlines recently provided.

From what I was told from my parents, the last they flew with Malaysia Airlines (which is only recently), the mealbox was never promising. Having heard that, I believe I would know how the mealbox would look like. Honestly, the old mealbox is a simple tray covered with aluminum foil and don’t want me to get started with the food. To put things simple, the sambal for the nasi lemak doesn’t look like sambal at all. And not to forget, the bland scrambled egg that really lives up to its name. Now, all of those are things of the past. They have reinvented their mealbox and it looks like some sort of a signature dish set if you want to ask me. Nicely place in a transparent plastic cover and wrapped with a paper holder bearing the airline’s logo and the trademark background design, the mealbox is significantly larger in quantity and the quality is just superb. I was served with a small plate of salad (lettuce, shredded carrot, cabbage mixed with thousand island sauce) and lemon chicken and another plate containing croissant served with smoked salmon. Salmon, of all the fishes. The other selection was tuna but I went for salmon because I’m a fan. And did I mentioned that I love the salad (much, much better than what I had so far) although that I don’t exactly enjoy salads on my food. Presentation-wise. it was better than the previous one but it is the quality of the mealbox that got entirely impressed. Freshness of salad was good, the chicken was perfect and the smoked salmon needed no further explanation. If there is any letdown, it has to be the croissant as it was a little too hard for my liking. If only it was a little flakier and softer, otherwise the mealbox is simply amazing.

On another note, I got myself some Godiva chocolate at the airport. Oh yes, the Godiva. So what? It’s just another chocolate, right? Well, consider this. It’s the best chocolate in the world (in my book) and I was given a free sample to taste to. How more lucky I need to be get such a chance? I must be thankful for the lovely sales assistant who was persistent enough to get a purchase from me. I must tell you this, the chocolate is not cheap to get by and having the free sample is just one lucky thing to happen to me on that day.


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