#011: Letter of Complaint to TM

I had just started with my community training today and mind to tell you that it was an eye-opening experience. My best bet is that in the course of 8 weeks, I might be a different person than I am today or maybe I gained more insight into the reality of this world. Trust me, it’s an experience like no other. Or is it just me being overly sensitive. Will blog about this some time later. Now, to the real issue.

TM is the sole provider (correct me if I’m wrong) of broadband in Malaysia, if not, the most prominent one. On the other hand, Malaysia is also famous for prideful self-esteem, which often makes them feel that they are better than everyone else. Now, combine these two and you get TM with their endless bragging of providing the fastest internet in Malaysia. I must say, they are not wrong, given that they do not have any competitor to challenge their broadband speed. Streamyx, TM’s broadband brand, promises fast, uninterrupted internet for the consumers. Again, I will have to agree with this one because it is possible that the Klang Valley residents are enjoying this perk (fast, uninterrupted internet) but unfortunately, the East Malaysia people (including myself) are not enjoying the same benefit. Okay, the fastest download speed I can ever recall to ever recorded on my home broadband (courtesy of Streamyx) is about 70 kbps. Semenanjungites (people of West Malaysia), please share with me your internet speed at home so we can make a comparison here or the least, goes off with your bragging rights. Again, it is unfortunate that 70 kbps is not fast in my book because when we ought to compare the connection speed with other countries (developed countries, I mean), it is still far-reached. Why am I telling this, you ask? Well, just now, Loba (one of my blog team members) told me that he got 2 episodes of Code Geass R2 episode 4, one from gg fansub and another from Eclipse fansub, in just 40 minutes at 300 kbps. I was jaw-dropped yet annoyed at the same time.

And let us not compare the speed with other developed countries. I remember last time, a grandmother in Sweden is (or was, status is pending) all smiles with internet speed of 60 GBps and in Japan, 61 Mbps is a common average. In the world standard, the Japanese average is the fastest in the world. Here in Malaysia, we still bitch around the 2 Mbps which is the speed only obtainable if you have no telco or fixed line interruption, zero-static and living in Klang Valley. The latest offering I heard from TM is their 4 Mbps offering and I have yet to see that in action. Either way, the 2 Mbps promise seems like a hoax to me given that the broadband I have is supposed to be a 1 Mbps connection. Odd enough, the fastest I could go is 70 kbps. Could it be that the broadband service in Miri is horrible or is TM ripping off the consumer? Well, it could go both ways.


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