#012: Busy? Not!

Apparently I am more busy now than I was during the final month of my 2nd year in campus. As you know, I had begun my community training for nearly 2 weeks already and lest did I expected that it was an interesting stint for me. To be frank, I was not too sure what to expect from my community training, especially with the fact that I need to interact with mentally disabled children (the centre’s principal insists on the term “mentally disabled” or “mentally challenged” instead of “mentally retarded” which is old-fashioned and rather offensive). It is not that everyone gets to talk with these kind of people in their daily life, right? All except for those family with those children, of course. Things took the unfortunate turn when my mom had to go under the knife for an illness.

Honestly, taking care of the children is not a difficult task to undertake. Nursing my sick mother is also not a trivial matter. But all of this drains out another essential part of my life – time. I find little time spent at home. Community work begins at 8 in the morning and ends at 4 in the afternoon. However I had to leave home early at 6 a.m. to commute my brother to school and only to return home in the afternoon for an hour before leaving immediately to visit my mother who is alone throughout the day in the hospital. Not that I can’t find time to be by my mother’s side all the time, it’s just that everyone has responsibilities and I need to fulfill mine with all my might. I may be ranting about this but I’m not complaining. Everyone have their times; I’m sure someone else would have it tougher. I’m telling you this, simply to explain about my absence in the blogosphere, especially now that my anime blog is left unattended (Loba and Max are someone is not doing their his job!!!). Hopefully things would turn out for the better in the following week or two.


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