#013: Uninspired

This is how I’ve been feeling for the last couple of weeks. So far, the only thing that keeps me running is my anime blog. Even my community training seems like a daunting task for me though I’ve been trying to keep up with whatever I have now. Speaking of the community training, I’ve entered a new stage where I’ll be accessing the residents’ nutritional status and hopefully make a write-up on it so that I can start working on my mini talk. Gosh! Talk about work. Anyway, because of this community training, I am often feeling uninspired to do anything – in terms of blogging. There are times when I feel like discussing many issues, including the price war between MAS and AirAsia, and also the political landscape that Malaysia is facing currently. Many interesting topics to bring to the table yet when it comes to the real thing, I don’t feel like talking about it at all. Even now, I am forcing myself to come up with words to put up on this post. Rather than forcing myself further, I think I should stop now.

P/s: I’m undecided and I’m unclear with this feeling but I think I miss someone…


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