#014: A David finale

While hundreds of thousands people in Myanmar are slowly dying of starvation, the United Nations decided to get creative with their relief effort, possibly in a way to control the possible repopulating efforts in Myanmar by the military junta.

I’m sure most of you have watched the performances already, if you are following American Idol. I heard many “threaten” to ditch the show after Michael John’s shocking exit but the whole point that matters still is that the competition is still going on and you have to admit it, the two remaining contestants standing on stage are among the best yet. Not to say I root out for these two (or either one of them), in fact, I am still a fan of Michael John and I really hope that he will release an album of his own soon. Any interested recording label, Michael John is one hot talent available to be grabbed. Anyway, this is not the discussion that I want to bring up to this post.

So, the performance for the finale is good, overall. Despite of having the best ever on Top 2, I still can’t feel breath-taken by the performances of the night. The show started off with a boxing match gimmick, which probably what the creative producers try to pull off. Honestly, it failed gravely from what I call quality live TV. Thankfully, they have the Nokia Theater to the rescue. And have I not see any larger theather ever, perfect for this amazing finale. I believe the Nokia Theater is much bigger than Kodak Theater, previously used by American Idol staff for their finales from yesteryears. The stage setup was amazing as well, probably better than previous Idol finals. But then again, Season 7 of Idol has a new look; better than the previous seasons.

Now to the performances. First round, Clive Davis picks the songs for both Davids and one word sums it well – amazing. Davis surely made a good pick for them both. Despite having good song selection on their side, Archuleta turned victorious in the first round in terms of their performances. Strictly speaking. In fact, it is one of his best ever (I still believe his rendition of John Lennon’s Imagine during Top 40 performances was his best yet). His first performance even gave me goosebumps – only to hit me when the singing is superbly fabulous. The second round however, fell short to my expectation. I was almost disappointed by the fact that they started off strong but wean down as they go on. Then comes in third round. I can’t say the final round of performance is any good as the first one but at least, it is better than the second one. A surprising move by Archuleta was he sang Imagine once again for the final. Appropriate, considering that it was the song that propelled him to the fame of Idol summit. However, performing the same song that he ever sang before might not be the best idea after all. Guess what, the risk paid off. He impressed the judges and more importantly, the strong 7000-crowd present at the theater. Even so, I was not impressed by it but then again, I am not the one who is voting and what more, it was still better than Cook’s performance. I am also disappointed to see how bad Cook did this time. Compared to his previous performances, from Lionel Riccie’s Hello to Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean (or should be it Chris Cornell’s?) and even Sir Webber’s Music of the Night (from The Phantom of the Opera). If thing goes well according to the performances alone, the David to beat is going to be Archuleta.


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