#015: And the next American Idol is…

David Roland Cook

Oh yes. It’s David Cook. David Roland Cook. Before I begin, don’t remind me of how late is this entry. I was only shifted to blogging gear after waiting for so long for the Code Geass episode to finish downloading. But hey, I made this post finally.

Frankly speaking, I would have favoured him to take the crown instead of David retard Archuleta. Seriously, who would want to vote for someone could hardly smile properly in front of the camera. Nonetheless, strict to the performance, Archuleta did much better than Cook did. Even the judges agreed that Archuleta did better than Cook that night. But from what I have seen, David Cook shows more personality and versatility as compared to David Archuleta. As far as originality is concerned, Cook showed some of it in his attempt on Lionel Richie’s Hello and Dolly Parton’s Little Sparrow. Of course, none can forget David Archuleta’s rendition of John Lennon’s Imagine. The bottom line here is that it was a far cry performance and it did little to help Archuleta to take the crown, especially when he performed the song once again in the final round.

American Idol finale
John to Cook: “Let’s get a room for us later, alright babe?”

Now that David Cook won the season that was proclaimed to be the best season ever of American Idol and the season with the most amazing talents, it is safe to say that David Cook is the well-deserved champion and nevertheless, a truly outstanding vocal in the music industry. For him to secure the crown also means that he is the first rocker to ever take the Idol top prize. As for Archuleta, nothing was left to waste for him. He is still young and without doubt, he is also talented. Wait until he releases a pop-ballad album soon, though his vocals can also find a good place in jazz/soul music as well. The least he could go is to be added to Simon Cowell’s favourite band ever – Il Divo. Oh poor soul, if that should happen to him.


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