#018: D-day beckons

In a few more hours, D-day will befall on all of us. By D-day, I mean Download day (not the hypotetical D-day). Yes, it’s the Firefox Download Day tomorrow. 17th June is the date Mozilla had specially chosen to make their bid to crack another world record to the already insanely huge Guiness World Records. On this day, those who had pledge and yet to pledge (still have hours left to give your pledge, by the way) will download the latest release of Mozilla Firefox 3 – the safest and fastest web browser in the world, or so they claimed. I won’t hide the fact that I am a supporter of this web browser and had already gave my pledge to get my hands of Firefox 3 out of its beta period. How about you?

Now, can I get my certificate of participation or not? Hello? World record?


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