#019: Random Stuff and EURO 2008

Finally, my community training is officially over. 8 weeks, though not grueling, it did some casualties to me. First is the obvious, which is the UEFA EURO 2008 Championship that currently taking place in Switzerland and Austria. Judging by this, another casualty for me had been an early wake-up call – something I do not enjoy when I am supposed to be having my holidays. Third and lastly, is my earlier argument with my father. As for that, the Welfare Department had already came over to discuss with me about the case and the day after that, the lunch food for that boy had significantly improved nutritionally. Kudos to the Welfare Department for that. However, the Welfare Department kept on bugging and already scheduled me for another meeting tomorrow. Just hope that there won’t be more paperwork.

On a different matter, I would like to share with you that I have marked my name in the record books. I am part of the Guinness World Record attempt, damn it! That make me and 5 million over others who had successfully download the latest release of Mozilla Firefox in the bid of making the most downloads in 24 hours. Another unrelated matter is that Apple had gone Down Under. Crikey! The Apple Retail Store debuts in Sydney last Thursday, making it the first Apple retail store in the Australasia continent. More remarkable attributes of the Australian flagship store is that it is the second largest Apple store in the world (missing only a few hundreds of feet square from the NY store), has the second largest Genius Bar among all Apple stores, and has the largest single sheets of lamented glass in the world (FTW?!). That should do to wow the Aussies.

Copyright of Apple.com

Copyright of Apple.com

In regards to the UEFA EURO Championship, my favourite team France had already bow out from the competition. Though not my favourite, the Netherlands is a team that needs to be looked out for in the tournament – at least, that is how I am siding for so far. However even the clockwork nation was defeated last night by the least favourite team of the tournament, Mother Russia. In fact, the underdogs showing their prowess at this leg of the competition. Turkey made it through the semi-finals after defeating Croatia. Well, it could go both ways if you ask me. Portugal, a favourite in the championship and also the favourite of many other Malaysia “football experts”, also got booted out after a neck-to-neck defeat by the Germans. But heck, I don’t bother of the results now. UEFA EURO had always been unpredictable. So, tonight will be a Spain-Italy showdown. The Spaniards are always an early favourite while the Italians failed to show consistency in their performance. But keep in mind, Italy is the world champion. Again, this game could go both ways. And definitely, a must-watch.


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